George House – New Elford, Design Works and Endurance Acoustic Case Study

Products used: New Elford Twist (Grey) | Design Works, Popular (1263 Natural Oak) | Endurance Acoustic (Grey)

Quantity: 600m2 | 1000m2 | 200m2

Sector: Residential

Customer: Evans Mann Properties

Installer: Interiors Direct

Expected completion date: January 2022

In the heart of Wolverhampton sits George House – a former office block which sat empty before its purchase by Evans Mann Properties Limited in 2019, who created plans to convert the space into apartments. As part of the ‘Better Homes For All’ housing strategy, Wolverhampton City Council are seeking to significantly increase the number and quality of residential properties in and around the city. George House will provide 44 modern apartments in the city centre and feature several products from JHS, including New Elford Twist carpet, Design Works Popular LVT and Endurance Acoustic vinyl, which were selected to help deliver a high quality, contemporary finish for the new homes.

A sizeable project

With 44 newly refurbished apartments to lay the floors for, the clients and contractor, Interiors Direct, needed a reliable company for a swift turn around in the tight 4-month completion window. JHS have been leading suppliers of high-quality, hard-wearing commercial flooring and carpeting for over 50 years, and having provided services to Interiors Direct for the past decade, were first choice for this project which required luxurious and long-lasting products.

Installing the flooring en masse across the 11,650 ft2 property involved the products being individually cut to room sizes. New Elford Twist carpet floored the bedrooms, Endurance Acoustic was laid down in the bathrooms, and Design Works LVT spanned the rest of each apartment.

Product specifics:

New Elford

An aim to create a modern aesthetic within the apartments led to the installation of our twist pile carpet, New Elford Twist. Created with a very tightly twisted yarn, twist pile carpets have an attractive textured look, and are generally more hardwearing than their cut pile counterparts, leading to a comfortable, durable finish. The 80% wool / 20% polypropylene mix benefits from the intrinsic durability of natural wool alongside the fibre flexibility and stain resistance of the manmade polypropylene. In the centre of the city, these apartments will appeal to a range of people, and the plain grey tone creates a soft and neutral base upon which new apartment occupants can add their own personal touch.


Safe and Soundproof:

Design Works

Comfort and longevity are the key characteristics of our Design Works, Popular, LVT. It was important to encapsulate the atmosphere of the surrounding area once the apartments were finished. Many nearby buildings are already used for residential purposes, and the humdrum of normal, active lifestyles surrounds George House. However, Design Works LVT is soft and quiet underfoot, leaving an undisturbed ambience.

When vinyl flooring makes up most of a property, it is important that it is slip resistant, both for everyday ease of living and to reduce the risk of falls. Design Works LVT retains the classic look of natural oak through its wood effect style but avoids the slippery tendency of wood flooring. The deep grain natural finish adds to the apartments’ luxurious feel and our long-term warranty guarantees that this is a product which will stay resistant to scuffs, stains and scratches for at least 15 years.

Endurance Acoustic

Our Endurance Acoustic vinyl flooring massively reduces noise impact from the bathroom with an 18dB rating (ISO 717). It is also R10 slip resistant and waterproof, so helps increase safety in bathrooms, where humidity and wet floors are commonplace.

PVC is a thermoplastic that is an immensely popular hardwood floor alternative, and the material’s incredible durability accounts for Endurance Acoustic’s 12-year commercial wear warranty. Also, whilst the typical perceptions of plastic flooring are that they aren’t eco-friendly, our 100% recyclable product appeals to customers who want to keep their environmental impact to a minimum.

Health, Wellbeing and VOCs

The chemicals that are typically involved in the manufacturing of vinyl flooring often lead to VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – being released into the air. Both our Design Works LVT and Endurance Acoustic are low VOC products, meaning they don’t release harmful VOCs into the home and the environment, giving occupants peace of mind that their health is a priority in our product range.

Our Design Works LVT flooring is also chemical resistant and anti-microbial for improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), helping to protect against harmful bacteria, pollutants and viruses, maximising occupant health and wellbeing.

Our expertise

Our work on George House involved selecting and delivering our most reliable and long-lasting products, without compromising the luxurious aesthetic that was massively important to Evans Mann and Interiors Direct. For help finding the perfect flooring for your project, get in touch with our team.

Photos credited to Interior Direct Ltd.