Bespoke Mats

Custom logo mats can enhance any entrance by creating a modern and contemporary look, providing you with instant brand awareness. Your personalised logo or brand name is inserted into the mat ensuring it lasts the lifetime of one of our door mats.

Our logo mats are made from either Coir or Brush.

Coir matting has been used in many entrance areas for decades. Coir logo mats are popular as they not only have the proven ability to scrape but also naturally absorb moisture.

Brush matting creates the best visual impact on mats. The ribbed design allows for the scraping effect to take place as mats are walked on. The major benefit to these commercial entrance logo mats is the colour-fast nature in comparison to coir, it is also arguably harder wearing and as such is more suited to heavy footfall entrance areas such as hotels, schools and offices.

Both of the logo mat products are made using pre-dyed fibres that are cut and inlaid into the mat. Both logo mats have a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects. Please note that natural fibres can be subject to fading if placed in direct sunlight.

The main advantage of brush matting is that the design will last for the lifetime of the mat rather than rubbing off in a short period of time with a printed logo.

Suitable for:

Pubs & Clubs

Hard-wearing and practical

Hotels & Restaurants

For prestigious entrances

Shops & Stores

Create the right impression

Corporate & Offices

Heavy duty, slip resistant

Sports & Recreation

For outdoor and indoor application

Hospitality & Leisure

For special occasions

Exhibitions & Promotions

Advertise your brand

Schools & Universities

For everyday use

Colours available:




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Care instructions

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure that your logo mat remains effective.

Vacuum the mat regularly to remove debris that has been deposited on the mat. Shedding is normal in the initial month of use. During this period, simply brush or gently shake the mat. To prolong the life of your doormat do not place it in direct sunlight or where it will remain wet for any length of time. Avoid using abrasive chemicals to clean this product as it may stain the synthetic fibres and natural coconut fibres. If you choose one of our logo mats, and it becomes wet allow to air/dry naturally.