Sound Absorbant

Our range of sound absorbing flooring is available in an array of stylish wood effect designs and carpet colours. All our sound absorbing flooring is tested to an acoustic insulation classification of ISO 717-7, and has sound insulation ratings ranging from 2db to 30db. Sound absorption is the measure of the amount of energy removed from the sound wave as the wave passes through a given thickness of material.

Acoustic insulated carpet is an excellent sound absorptive material. Acoustic carpet. absorbs noise efficiently,making it an ideal flooring material for many commercial applications, such as open plan offices, busy restaurants, bars, call centres, auditoriums and multi-level buildings (apartment blocks, hotels). It muffles the noise between floors and so is a popular choice for hotels.

Our range of sound absorbing flooring solutions include Vinyl, carpets, carpet tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tile ( LVT) that provide an decibel ratings from 2db to 30db, making them well-suited to a wide variety of commercial uses from the public residential sector to the office & workplace sector. 

The wood effect designs of our sound absorbent vinyl flooring create a sophisticated and traditional style whilst benefiting from the acoustic insulation, sound impact control and durability of a vinyl composition in your commercial or industrial setting.

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