LRV (Light Reflective Value) measures the quantity of visible and usable light reflected by your floor, as well as the amount of light that your flooring or carpet absorbs. 

Commercial flooring, particularly in the office & workplace sector, benefits from having a high LRV rating to comply with building regulations. Flooring with a high LRV rating is important for use within commercial buildings such as offices as it prevents eye strain in the workplace, meets building regulations for lighting standards, and minimises health and safety risks such as falls or accidents due to poor visibility in low-lit areas.

The colour of the surface influences the light reflectance of the flooring and carpet, with light and bright coloured flooring and carpet benefiting from a high LRV rating.

Our LRV tested carpet and flooring solutions include loop pile communal carpet, available in light, neutral colours. This is well suited to the education sector, public residential housing such as care homes or dementia homes, and workplace sectors. The LRV certificates of JHS products are awarded by CSTB which executes the measurement according to the EN 410 and EN 14500 standard. Browse the full range now.

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