Castor Chair Suitable

Ideal for offices, workplaces and the education sector, our range of castor chair suitable flooring is perfect for industries with lots of office chairs. Castor chairs can sometimes damage the flooring if either the wheels or the flooring is not fit for purpose. It’s recommended that castor chairs should have hard wheels for carpets and softer wheels for hard floors, but the flooring solution still needs to be suitable for use with office chairs. The range of castor chair suitable flooring from JHS includes vinyl flooring, certain carpets and carpet tiles and some hardwood flooring. Castor pads are required under roller castor chairs and castor chair protective floor mats are recommended for all textile floor coverings to prevent accelerated wear and preserve the appearance of the flooring. Whether you are looking for castor chair suitable flooring for an office, workplace or the education sector, JHS has a variety of flooring solutions to suit your project. Explore the range now.

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