Wapping Wharf – Haywood Twist Case Study

Location: Bristol

Products used: Haywood Twist Standard – Sand, Haywood Twist Super – Sand

Quantity: Haywood Twist Standard – 1,810m2; Haywood Twist Super – 3604m2

Sector: Residential 

Customer: Alec French Architects

Completion date: early 2021

A new neighbourhood

Wapping Wharf is an exciting neighbourhood set on Bristol’s waterfront, in the heart of the city. Transformed from previously derelict land that formed the 18th /19th century shipyards and Gaol, Wapping Wharf is a predominantly residential area providing 256 new apartments in Phase 2, as well as dozens of places to eat, drink and shop. The ambitious masterplan began with Phase 1, completed in 2016. Since then, Phase 2 was completed in early 2021, and there are plans for the remaining undeveloped land, including CARGO Work, an office building and an apartment building providing 83 affordable homes. At JHS Carpets, we supplied two products from our Haywood Twist range, Standard and Super, for the hundreds of apartments built in the award-winning Phase 2, creating a luxurious and modern feel for the brand-new one, two and three-bedroom apartments and penthouses.

Outside their apartments, Wapping Wharf residents and members of the public can enjoy yoga classes, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, independent bakeries, bookshops, and vintage clothes stores, as well as nearby cultural places of interest such as artwork at the Arnolfini. Residents can revel in the comfort and privacy of their stunning riverside apartment whilst right on their doorstep is the centre of a lively neighbourhood amidst the city’s floating harbour. Our Haywood Twist Standard was used in Private for rent & shared Ownership spaces, whilst the Haywood Twist Super was used in the Private for sale apartments.

As part of the selection process, we provided a set of sample colours for the design consultation with the client and arranged for this to be delivered quickly to meet the project deadlines. As well as this, we supplied technical information via our product data sheets to be included within the project specification documents. Alec French Architects, the designers and architects of the development, said: “We found the JHS flooring installed was of good quality and matched the quality level of the samples we received when choosing the product earlier in the project.” For the developers, it was important for homeowners to feel like their space is bespoke and crafted with them and their lifestyle in mind.

Product specifics

Both the Haywood Twist Standard and Super have a tufted construction, which adds texture and character to a space. To make tufted carpet, hundreds of yarn-threaded needles are pushed through the primary backing fabric to form loops which are then cut to produce the cut pile, and the Haywood Twist has a secondary jute backing. This popular range has a fast production time; this, paired with our longstanding reliability in trade, means we were able to supply a huge quantity of materials for the expansive project quickly. Alec French Architects chose the Haywood Twist carpets because they were ‘good value for money’ and had ‘a durable finish for residential use’, befitting of the more affordable city centre living that the apartments enable. The building’s industrial, wharf-like exterior and the area’s robust history is mirrored in the practical durability of the apartment interiors. The choice of our beautiful yet long-lasting products echo the hardiness of the industrial past and the restored Grade 2 features, such as the Gaol Gate.

Natural and synthetic fibres

The products blend is made up of wool, polypropylene, and nylon. The 80% wool content gives the carpets their soft-to-touch quality, and it doesn’t just perform well on aesthetics alone – wool is also a highly insulating material, so the apartments can be kept warm, as well as quiet, because wool can muffle external noise effectively. Wool is resistant to stains, naturally anti-static and picks up less dust. Because it is a natural fibre, wool is also an eco-friendly material; sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. Polypropylene and nylon make up the rest of the product. Synthetic fibres, such as these, which constitute 20% of the carpet makes cleaning easier, with added stain resistance and durability. Because a range of people will move into the apartments, including families, the wool mix product has enough resistance and robustness to withstand the wear and tear of young children and heavy footfall. The apartments have been fitted with the longest lasting solution that benefits buyers and renters for years to come.

Our skill

Our work at Wapping Wharf highlights our quick, abundant, and cost-effective supply of high-quality carpets befitting of a modern neighbourhood. Practicality and efficiency drew designers to the Haywood Twist carpets; however, we have carpeting and flooring that meets the needs of any project. For help finding the perfect flooring for your property, request a visit.