Anti-static carpet is a carpet product that produces less static electricity than standard carpet and cannot be grounded. Static generation is inhibited when the anti-static material comes into frictional contact with another material. Our anti-static carpet range inhibits static when people walk across the flooring.

The anti-static micro-filament secondary treatment is added into the yarn whilst cabling it, making it unlike traditional carpet. Many of the products within our range of commercial anti-static carpet come with an anti-shock guarantee, for peace of mind. The anti-static treatment permanently controls the static build up within the carpet fibres making it long lasting and hard-wearing. 

With a wide variety of styles, colours, and patterns to choose from, our range of anti-static carpet is both stylish and practical, perfect for use in high footfall areas. It is particularly well-suited to high traffic areas within the public residential sector including nursing homes, care homes, retirement homes and social housing. Explore the range now.

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