Fibre-bonded Sheet

Fibre-bonded sheet carpets are tough, durable and come with anti-ravel and anti-fray properties. They were initially designed for use in the education sector, but are now commonly used in a wide range of commercial establishments and are popular in offices & workplaces, as well as the retail and public residential sectors. This carpet is directly glued to the subfloor. Fibre-bonded sheet carpet is lightweight in appearance but is an extremely durable and hard-wearing commercial flooring solution and is a perfect choice for use in areas of heavy wear and tear.. 

The durable, robust, and heavy-duty nature of our fibre-bonded sheet carpet range works well for contract and commercial application as it stands the test of time. All of our fibre-bonded sheet carpet benefits from a commercial wear guarantee and performance and wear classifications. 

Available in a range of colours from neutral, muted tones to vibrant, primary colours; our fibre-bonded sheet carpet range has a style to suit your needs. Browse the range now.

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