Carpet Type: Entrance Matting
Width: 2
Sectors: Healthcare, Office & Workplace, Education, Hospitality & Leisure,

Castor Chair Suitable

Fire Reaction

Heavy Contract

Loop Pile


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Zermatt Hobnail
Zermatt Hobnail Barrier Matting - 1340 Blue Dusk
Zermatt Hobnail Barrier Matting - 1330 Red
Zermatt Hobnail Barrier Matting - 1338 Navy
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Zermatt Hobnail Barrier Matting - 1320 Charcoal
Zermatt Hobnail Barrier Matting - 1325 Silver
Zermatt Hobnail Barrier Matting - 1329 Chocolate

Zermatt Hobnail Barrier Matting - 1320 Charcoal


Our Zermatt Hobnail matting in Charcoal offers a dark, statement shade for a stylish contrast to neutral interiors within commercial buildings. Made from 100% Polypropylene with a bitumen tiling and a duo backing, it benefits from an 8-year commercial usage guarantee. Our Charcoal Zermatt Hobnail barrier tile matting is a durable and hard-wearing entrance matting for the retail, education, and social housing sectors.

With a 100% fibre-bonded Polypropylene composition, the Zermatt Hobnail barrier matting is suitable for wheelchair access and is perfect in heavy-traffic commercial settings such as shopping centres and universities.

Our Charcoal Zermatt Hobnail barrier matting is tested for reaction to fire to BS EN13501-1, achieving a Efl-s1 rating and is bleach cleanable with a diluted bleach solution. Suitable for underfloor heating, the bitumen backing of this barrier matting absorbs natural heat.

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Width: 2m, Fire Classification: Efl-s1, 100% fibre-bonded Polypropylene, 8-year commercial wear guarantee, Well-bonded latex and bitumen backed tile matting

We recommended using an upright or quality barrel vacuum cleaner, fitted with a power-driven rotating brush or combination beater/brush bar that moves around the carpet pile and mechanically loosens soil for removal by the vacuum. This is best suited for low cut pile carpet. To prevent excess fuzzing turn the brush off or change the head when vacuuming loop pile, cut and loop or Berber carpet.