Type: Carpet Tile
Size: 50cm x 50cm
Sectors: Office & Workplace, Retail
Sustainability: 100% PA6 Solution Dyed Nylon, 50% Overall recycled content

Castor Chair Suitable


Fire Reaction

Heavy Contract

Loop Pile


Sound Absorbant

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The Fog Outline Tile loop pile carpet tile comes in a soft, neutral grey shade, complementing a wide range of office and workplace interiors. The 100% solution dyed nylon 6 composition of this carpet makes it hard-wearing and sustainable. Made from 50% overall recycled content, with 10% of this being post-industrial recycled content, this carpet tile is environmentally friendly.

The Fog Outline carpet tile comes in a cool, grey and black  shade well suited to the office & workplace sector and complementing modern interiors and furniture. The tufted loop pile finish adds texture and creates a stylish appearance whilst remaining durable and widely used in high traffic commercial areas.

LRV tested, this is particularly important for carpet tiles in the workplace or office as it prevents eye strain, meets building regulations for lighting standards, and minimises health and safety risks such as falls or accidents due to poor visibility in low-lit areas.

This carpet is tested for reaction to fire to BS EN13501-1, achieving a Bfl-s1 rating and benefits from a 10-Year Commercial Wear guarantee.

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Tile size: 50cm x 50cm, 10% post-industrial recycled content 100% Solution Dyed Nylon 6, Wear Classification: 33, Luxury Classification: LC2, Fire classification: EN 13501-1 Bfl-s1, 10-Year Commercial Wear Guarantee, Impact noise rating: 29 dB, Green Label Plus Air Quality, High LRV Rating

To clean the carpet, we’d recommend using an upright or quality barrel vacuum cleaner fitted with a power-driven rotating brush. Alternatively, you could use a combination beater or brush bar that moves around the carpet pile and mechanically loosens dirt to be removed by the vacuum. This is best suited for low cut pile carpet. To prevent excess fuzzing turn the brush off or change the head when vacuuming loop pile, cut and loop or Berber carpet.