Hamilton Apartments – Case Study

Location: Birkenhead

Products used: Ambience carpet, Design Works plank (Sawn Grey), Endurance Acoustic (Ash)

Quantity: 450m2 – 50m2 – 50m2

Sector: Residential

Customer: Interiors Direct

Completion date: October 2021

Originally built in 1839, Hamilton Square, a historic Grade 1 listed building in Birkenhead, was due a renovation. To transform it from vacant office building to stylish apartment block, the property needed to be modernised. JHS stepped in to supply our Ambience carpets, Design Works LVT and Endurance Acoustic vinyl flooring, which were chosen for their luxurious feel and long-lasting capabilities. Hamilton Square is a distinct urban conservation area of special architectural and historic value. It was essential to protect the character and uniformity of the historic square, and so the renovation sought to retain the openness and original features of the property.

A slice of timelessness

The interior of the apartments aimed to replicate the classic elegance of a period gone by, with a view towards the future through elements of chic modernity. As we have been a leading supplier of commercial carpets and floor coverings for over 50 years, our products delivered the high-quality finish that these stunning apartments demanded. Large windows in the property bask the rooms in natural light, so flooring that would be long-lasting, hardwearing, and not discoloured by direct sunlight was essential. Polypropylene is a synthetic fibre that has a reassuring durability against environmental factors such as moisture and sunlight, so it made a great choice where natural light is prominent, as it is less prone to fading.

Interiors Direct, who carried out the flooring installation, say of the project: “the products were selected to create a luxury feel for rental apartments whilst providing a hard wearing and long-lasting flooring solution.”

Product specifics: Ambience

The majority of the property, including the lounge area and the two bedrooms, was fitted with our Ambience carpeting in steel, silver, and pewter. These cooling, balanced tones create an atmosphere of comfort and cleanliness, inviting everything from having friends round for dinner to a lazy weekend in. The cut pile carpeting allows for a soft, velvet appearance and an even, upright finish that contributes towards the luxurious look of the living room and bedrooms. The product can endure heavy footfall and is less likely to fray, adding hard-wearing credentials to the attractive material, befitting its 10-year wear warranty.

Project considerations: Endurance Acoustic and Design Works

An important aspect of the refurb was to create a tranquil environment in this multi-resident complex, and the installation of our Endurance Acoustic vinyl flooring contributes to achieving this. The warm, wood effect flooring appeals from much more than an aesthetic perspective; with an impact sound reduction of 18 dB (ISO 717), the flooring was fitted within the kitchen areas, helping to mask any noise and creating a non-disruptive environment for the occupants in each of the 5 flats.

The hardwearing quality of the Endurance Acoustic and Design Works flooring is achieved through the slip and stain resistance of both materials. Our commercial wear guarantees of 12 and 15 years respectively showcase the long-lasting potential of our flooring, resilient to many wear and tear factors that naturally occur in a lived-in space. Endurance Acoustic is also further reinforced with an extra protective layer – PUR-HYPERGUARD+ – making the choice even more economical and easy to clean, as less water and detergent is needed.

Design Works provides an outstanding performance by incorporating a tough PUR double coating that resists stains and scratches, and reduces the adhesion of dirt, making cleaning an easier, faster process. In addition to this, the Design Works product in sawn grey has a chemical resistance for improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), helping to support occupant health and wellbeing. Through innovative technologies, anti-microbial features of the flooring will help to ensure the stunning apartments remain a clean and healthy living space for years to come.

Our skill

Our work at Hamilton Square Apartments involved working with Interiors Direct to identify which of our products would suit their needs, delivering the ‘luxury’ finish and ‘hardwearing’ qualities this project demanded. For help finding the perfect flooring for your residential property, get in touch with our team.