Triumph Random

The Triumph Random Carpet Tile  is 50cm x 50cm and is made from a 100% solution dyed nylon composition with a Bitumen and glass backing, making it hard-wearing and long-lasting. Solution-dyed nylon carpet is a pre-dyeing process, prior to the yarn being produced, the fibre is dyed with molten nylon polymer allowing the colour to permanently stay in the fibre. This also allows the use of cleaning products with tough chemicals without losing any colour in your carpet.

The heavy-duty and durable properties of the Triumph Random Carpet Tile teamed with the stylish pattern of this carpet make it well suited for use in the office and workplace. True to its name, the Triumph Random Carpet Tile can be installed to suit, randomly without the need to follow specific instruction or direction. Available in 6 striking shades including Spice and Raven, this stylishly patterned carpet benefits from a 10-Year commercial wear guarantee and is tested for reaction to fire to BS EN13501-1 and achieves an Cfl-s1 rating. The Triumph Random Carpet Tile  works well in the office and workplace sector laid beside the Triumph Loop Tile as they have the same yarn colours.