Hospi Charm Gel

The Hospi Charm Gel Back Carpet range is suitable for use in public and private residential sectors such as show homes and housing developments, as well as care and nursing homes. The 100% polypropylene composition of this carpet makes it hard-wearing and easy-to-clean. This practical, impervious Hospi Charm Gel Back carpet range is stain-resistant, and prevents water seeping through due to its impervious gel backing. The impervious layer will stop spilt liquids, of any nature, seeping through the carpet fibres and backing to the subfloor underneath.

Available in a range of 22 colours, from neutral, calming colours such as Biscotti and Almond to bold statement shades including Red and Aqua Blue, the Hospi Charm Gel Back suits a range of styles within residential settings.

This gel back carpet is available in a 4m width and comes with a Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort (IAC) gold certification, ensuring that low product emission requirements are fulfilled and contributing to a healthy indoor environment.

Perfect for use in public and private residential settings, this carpet range is suitable for underfloor heating. The Hospi Charm Gel Back Carpet range has a 7-Year heavy commercial wear guarantee and is tested for reaction to fire to BS EN13501-1, achieving an Dfl-s1 rating.

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