Carpet Type: Carpet Tile
Size: 50cm x 50cm
Sectors: New Build, Hospitality & Leisure, Retail, Healthcare
Sustainability: 70% Cashmere Goat Hair, 30% Polyamide 6


Castor Chair Suitable

Fire Retardant

Heavy Contract


Sound Absorbant

Underfloor Heating Suitable

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The Zinc Tretford Tile is a 50cm x 50xcm ribbed carpet tile made from a 70% Cashmere goat hair and 30% Polyamide 6 composition and benefiting from a secondary eco backing for durability. The Cashmere goat hair used within these carpet tiles helps to reduce fine airborne dust particles and allergens making it beneficial to most commercial settings especially within the Hospital and Care sector. 

The dark grey shade of this carpet tile makes it an attractive and versatile choice for use in a range of commercial establishments as it complements both neutral and statement interiors. All Cashmere goat hair used in Tretford carpets is dyed without bleaching, which creates a stunning, naturally rich colour finish perfect for bright or dark statement carpet tile shades, and for long-standing commercial use. 

This carpet is tested for reaction to fire to BS EN13501-1, achieving an Cfl-s1 rating and benefits from anti-slip properties, a 5-Year Anti Shock guarantee and a 5-Year Commercial Wear guarantee. The Zinc Tretford carpet tile also has an impact sound insulation classification  BS 2750: 1990, helping to improve indoor acoustics, making it well-suited to the office & workplace and the education sectors.

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Tile Size: 50cm x 50cm Wear Classification: 33 Fire Classification: Cfl-s1 70% Cashmere goat hair, 30% Polyamide 6 Eco secondary backing 5-Year Anti Shock Guarantee 5-Year Commercial Wear Guarantee Impact Sound Insulation Classification: BS 2750: 1990

We recommended using an upright or quality barrel vacuum cleaner, fitted with a power-driven rotating brush or combination beater/brush bar that moves around the carpet pile and mechanically loosens soil for removal by the vacuum. This is best suited for low cut pile carpet. To prevent excess fuzzing turn the brush off or change the head when vacuuming loop pile, cut and loop or Berber carpet.

The Tretford Tile is suitable for commercial use on stairs provided it is fitted with the ribs going across the step. This carpet can be fitted on stairs with or without stair nosing, in the same way it is fitted in open areas.