Carpet Type: Broadloom Carpet
Width: 4
Sectors: Residential
Sustainability: 100% Wool
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Callisto Berber - 115 Linwood


Castor Chair Suitable

Cut Pile

Fire Retardant

Heavy Contract

Carpet Type: Broadloom Carpet
Width: 4
Sectors: Residential
Sustainability: 100% Wool

The Linwood Callisto Berber broadloom loop pile carpet is suited to high footfall areas of the residential sector. It is ideal for hοuse builders and commonly used in private housing, show homes, private residential and social housing as it is durable and great for heavy contract use. The soft beige Linwood colour is neutral, comforting and complements most interiors which makes it perfect for most rooms in the home.


This broadloom wool loop carpet has a 100% wool composition and the wool fibres provide a natural springiness which allows the carpet to bounce back over time. The wool composition can also act as a natural insulator by trapping air within its fibres and regulating the temperature within the room. Lanolin naturally occurs within the wool which allows it to retain its natural stain resistant properties, making it easy to maintain and the yarn is treated with permethrin during the spinning stage to make it moth resistant. 


The Callisto Berber wool loop carpet should be installed with underlay and is suitable for use on stairs when stair nosing has been installed. The Callisto Berber Linwood carpet is comfortable, durable and suited for high traffic residential areas

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Fire Classification: EN113501-1 Cfl-s1

Luxury Classification: L2

Wear Classification: 23

Width: 4m and 5m

To clean the carpet, we’d recommend using an upright or quality barrel vacuum cleaner fitted with a power-driven rotating brush. Alternatively, you could use a combination beater or brush bar that moves around the carpet pile and mechanically loosens dirt to be removed by the vacuum. This is best suited for low cut pile carpet. To prevent excess fuzzing turn the brush off or change the head when vacuuming loop pile, cut and loop carpet.

Underlay and carpet are designed to work together as a complete flooring system so underlay should always be used. You should match a quality underlay with the quality and proposed use of your carpet.