Carpet Type: Broadloom Carpet
Width: 4
Sectors: Hospitality & Leisure,
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Chepstow Court - 2504


Cut Pile

Fire Retardant

Heavy Contract

Carpet Type: Broadloom Carpet
Width: 4
Sectors: Hospitality & Leisure,

The 2504 Chepstow Court broadloom carpet is ideal for heavy contract use within the hospitality & leisure sectors. It is well suited to restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, leisure centres and conference centres as it is hard-wearing and ideal for heavy contract use. The grey floral pattern is a neutral colour that can go with any commercial setting.

This broadloom cut pile carpet has a Woven Wilton construction and a 100% polypropylene heat-set yarn pile content. Heat-set polypropylene is durable and easy to maintain which makes it perfect for commercial carpets with heavy foot traffic. It also has moth resistant properties, can be used on stairs when stair nosing is installed and is suitable for use with underfloor heating. The Woven Wilton construction has up to 5 colours within the pattern and weaving is the most traditional method of creating a carpet. The Chepstow Court 2504 heavy contract carpet comes with a 5 Year Heavy Commercial Wear guarantee and is both durable and vibrant in a commercial setting.

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Width: 4m, Wear Classification: Class 33, Fire Classification: Efl (BS EN 13501-1), Thermal Resistance: BS 4757 Tog 1.7

To clean the carpet, we’d recommend using an upright or quality barrel vacuum cleaner fitted with a power-driven rotating brush. Alternatively, you could use a combination beater or brush bar that moves around the carpet pile and mechanically loosens dirt to be removed by the vacuum. This is best suited for low cut pile carpet. To prevent excess fuzzing turn the brush off or change the head when vacuuming loop pile, cut and loop carpet.

Underlay and carpet are designed to work together as a complete flooring system so underlay should always be used. You should match a quality underlay with the quality and proposed use of your carpet.