Carpet Type: Carpet Type
Size: 50cm x 50cm
Sectors: Residential, Education, Hospitality & Leisure, Retail, Healthcare

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Arizona II Sheet- 40 Red
Arizona II Sheet - 30 Blue
Arizona II Sheet - 70 Grey
Arizona II Sheet - 80 Chocolate
Arizona II Tile - 52 Black
Arizona II Sheet - 52 Black
Arizona II Sheet - 50 Charcoal

Arizona II Tile - 52 Black


Our Arizona II Barrier matting tile in black offers a clean, professional look for commercial buildings. Made from 100% solution dyed Nylon 6 with a raised scraper filament and benefiting from a 10-year heavy commercial usage guarantee, our Grey Arizona II Barrier tile matting is the most durable and hard-wearing type of commercial matting due to the heat-pressured fusing process that leaves the matting well-bonded at construction stage

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Width: 50cm
Wear Classification: 32
Luxury Classification: LC2
Fire Classification: Bfl-s1